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Our goal is to become the leading brand for American football in Europe.

About Us

At REYRR ATHLETICS SWEDEN AB, we are passionate about providing athletes with top-tier American football gear, crafted with an innovative approach and a keen understanding of what players need on the field. Based in Jordbro, Sverige, our focus is on designing custom football gloves that blend style, comfort, and performance, helping athletes maximize their potential and express their unique identity.

We are proud to offer a diverse product range that includes our signature Reyrr Padded Football Socks and the exclusive Reyrr Zero Limited Edition Colorway Football Gloves. Engineered with moisture-wicking fabric and a textured underfoot, our socks ensure stability and comfort, allowing athletes to focus solely on their performance. Our gloves, designed with GripTech palm technology, provide superior ball control in all weather conditions and a distinctive look that stands out on the field.

Our Reyrr By You service embodies our belief that every athlete is unique and deserves to express their distinctiveness on the field. This service enables teams to personalize their own Reyrr gloves, controlling every aspect from color choice to logo design. It's a platform for athletes to showcase their style, be distinctive, and gain a competitive edge.

Driven by a vision to be the #1 football brand for European players, we are committed to seeing you succeed on the field. Our dedication extends to every athlete, whether you're a wide receiver making challenging catches or a lineman in need of extra grip and protection. We design our gloves to bolster your performance, helping you make an impact every time you step onto the field

We are located at:
Cementvägen 18
136 50 Jordbro

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